3 Worship Experiences  |  SUNDAYS  at  8:30 am  |  10 am   |   11:30 am

Kids Ministry K-6th available at 10 & 11:30 am

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We are offering seating in the main sanctuary for the first 90 registrants. An overflow room will be available for an additional 30 people (walk-in).
*Registration for the weekend will open on Wednesday mornings at 9 am. Call 856.461.1240 or register below.

Before You Arrive

Should I attend? If you are not feeling well, especially coughing or sneezing, stay home for your well-being and the well-being of our church family. If you are immuno-compromised or do not yet feel comfortable attending one of our indoor services, we will still offer online worship experiences at both times on Facebook and at



Masks are required at all times while in the church building, in addition to entering and exiting.


Sanitizing stations will be placed at convenient locations in the sanctuary and lobby.


Doors will either be propped open or someone will be holding them entering and exiting to prevent people from touching them.


120 people are allowed in the sanctuary per service. We will offer an overflow room up to 50 additional people. Seats are on a first come basis.


Grades birth-6th. Children's ministries available for K-6th  beginning Nov 1, 2020. Children are still welcome to attend services accompanied by a parent.

Physical Distance

Parents, please help your children stay physically distant from others.

Small Children/Infants

There will be a designated area in the cafe for parents of small children who need to step outside of service.


Second Service Attendees. Congregants are asked to remain in their cars or in the parking lot until the “GREEN” sign is visible in between services.  The “RED, NOT YET” sign means no entrance.


There is only 1 designated ENTRANCE into the church building and 1 designated EXIT out of the church building. (Conrow Rd. Front Entry & High School Back Exit)


Masks are required for entry for everyone, including children ages 2 and up.

Temperature Checks

We will be taking your temperature upon arrival. If your temperature is above the recommended allowance of (100 f) you will not be permitted into the church facility.


There will be NO shaking of hands, hugs, high fives. Instead we will air hug, wave, etc.


Common areas such as the café and lobby will not be available for socializing. Cafe Food and beverages will not be available.

Physical Distancing

Congregants entering the church building will be directed to a seating area. Seating will be from the front to the back. Seats will be arranged 6ft. apart so family groups can sit together. They will be in groups of 2,3,4 and adjustments will be made as necessary. After service, dismissal will be from the back first to front.


There will be no collection of tithes. Donation boxes will be available in the lobby. Printed materials will be placed on chairs, not handed out.

Other Ways To Give

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