Develop fully devoted, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ.  

Life groups are small groups that focus on developing fully devoted, reproducing disciples of Jesus! We do this by loving one another through genuine followship, inspiring worship as a lifestyle, following Jesus' example of discipleship, and evangelizing with the focus of multiplication of groups! Life groups come in all different varieties to meet the needs of our congregation, and the community! Life groups run all year.


Is childcare provided?

Life Groups that meet on Wednesday nights have the added benefit of Kids' Life programs for K-5th grades and One Life for youth in grades 6th thru 12th. For Life Groups that don't meet on Wednesday nights, check out the Life Group listing below to see if *childcare is listed!

Where and how often do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups meet at various times. Some meet as often as once a week while others may meet just once or twice a month.

Many of our Life Groups meet at a variety of locations. Some meet at a home, some meet at  the church, and some meet at a park or a public establishment depending on the nature of that group.

Do I have to sign up at the beginning of a kick off
or can I join in at any time?

All Life Groups have an open door during each season, so anyone can join at any time!